Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Google Reader Users, “Forced” To Make Google Plus Accounts

Source: --- Wednesday, November 02, 2011
Google Reader is a Web-based aggregator, capable of reading Atom and RSS feeds online or offline. After announcing on the October 20th that Google Reader would be annexed in Google Plus, Reader has gotten the old +1 today. Google is unleashing the new, clean Plus theme that has already come to Gmail, Docs and elsewhere, and its replacing the Reader "Like" function with the +1 button. Google +1 is yet another attempt to make Google more social. It's Google's version of the Facebook "likes", a simple feature that's very powerful because it's part of a social network. But this attempt doesn't seem to make everybody happy as Reader's social features, beloved by some e-book worms who didn't want the hassle of sharing on full-fledged social networks, are now switched off. No more be-friending, following or sharing: we're left with the circles and +1s now. The changes don't really remove any functionality, but they do force those who like to share via Google Reader to join Plus. Cannibalizing features that attracted and devoted users in the past, even if they aren't that many, is always a queer but daring move. But it seems like Google has had it out for Reader for a while now. In January, it demoted Reader bellow the fold in Gmail. Google's essence is social now, and standalone Reader users have to join the party The close-knit sharing between avid readers was nice, but there are clear advantages to sharing on Google Plus, not the leas ...

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